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army house

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places that i refused to enter for many years** as the child of a retired military father.. if you find it logical that a computer engineer who was recruited from his job in istanbul should serve you in an army house in erzurum for 5 months, go, sir. camouflage your soul, take it out, enter your military id in your wallet.. take a solid stance, drink cheap coke, eat your pizza with "dawn" on it..


it was closed as soon as possible and the income obtained should be used for services such as yacht floor for the families of the current government's deputies, right? he cnm kiss kib bye.


like every male citizen who has done his military service in an army camp, i laugh with my butt cheeks apart at the statement that "it should not be claimed that there is a very attractive privilege in terms of the prices of products and services received in army camps". sure honey. there are a thousand hotels in the heart of taksim, just like the harbiye orduevi, where accommodation can be made for 3.5 (three and a half) liras per night, but we cannot see it because we are stupid.