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i stumbled upon his cv by chance. he has such a cv; big data, hadoop, aws, java, spark, ai, tomcat, nosql, pl sql, ... he who knows everything doesn't really know anything, he should be reminded.


i couldn't keep up with the above, but other people who will take him seriously and comment at length may give up if they see this post: linkedin i just checked, there are 21 courses on udemy. guys, don't let me love your eyes. are there really no other software developers left to take an example and follow? you are trying to be a software developer. please learn english, don't give money to people like this, for god's sake. what courses are there on udemy, are you really stuck with them? it's a shame.


when you look at your linkedin, you say wow, but i couldn't see a company on your resume, is it because it was short? anyway, unfollowing this guy on linkedin really relieved my flow. i think he looks at linkedin 3-4 hours a day. both learning so many new technologies and turning them into products and sharing on linkedin... description: a the software developer.


used to follow when i was a student. what a great man i would say wow or something. afterwards, his posts started to feel very empty. constant self-praise, endless job offers. okay, you can be a super programmer, but let the people around you praise you.


a free software developer. his books are full of useless information. don't follow, don't listen to what they say.


spring, hibernate books that he wrote or copied should be removed from the market immediately. half of the book is full of screenshots. the parts he writes in the form of yes, now we press the next button on this screen. do not give your money for these books while there is internet, my fellow students.


the friend who shared himself as a prophet, a saint or a philosopher on his linkedin profile. he talks about working in a company, but it might be acme software, i couldn't understand.


as stated above, he is hasan cihat Üstüner of linkedin. he only makes goygoy, there is nothing he can reveal. 10 tab opens, puts the screenshot, see, i'm working, i licked, i swallowed. do i follow, i do. it is necessary to follow this in a circus like linkedin, it's fun to bullshit.