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apranax fort

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you will relieve my pain and pain instantly. you are very beautiful, very cute. i saw the color of ecevit blue in my dream. i can never explain my gratitude to you x anax manax you will surpass these, can your inventor be a rival to you? you are indispensable, you are the most important thing, i am satisfied in my bag, i do not have any other painkillers in my life, only you are with me every time i call


i know women who suffer from strong menstrual pain and use this drug.


this is the most precious medicine i have in my life. if it weren't for you, i'd be writhing in pain, apranax, i'm your baby, a victim of your blue.


perfect for those with stomach ailments. skips the stomach directly, that's it.


when it comes to toothache, of course, it won't do you any good. relieves about 90% of toothache; lets you sleep. headaches when taken on an empty stomach and without sleep.


i would like to remind those who took 40 of this drug in 25 minutes and did not die, that you do not need to inject the drug analgesically, just because it says analgesic. so it is not a wick. you will swallow with your mouth, not with your ass.


if i didn't believe in god, it would be something i would worship by building a totem the size of a donkey, burning incense around it. that degree...


stomach pill do not take on an empty stomach. i'm writing so that other souls don't get hurt... take a note, kamil. i was stupid to take half of it on an empty stomach and then i died. edit: useful info came from kiddin. i am copying: it is a very wrong application method to break and take drugs that do not have a breaking notch in half. because the coating of the drug directly affects its dissolution rate. since there is no coating on the surface you break, its effects change a lot.