applying olive oil to the hair

applying olive oil to the hair

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advice by juliette binochet to naveen andrews. (see: the english patient)


the action i have taken as of now with the suggestion of my hairdresser. he said that it will not only nourish the hair, but also prevent dandruff and crusting of the hair in such cold weather. my hair shines so beautiful i do it once a week now


method that makes hair shine. it also gives fullness and vitality. one of the methods is this: you apply it to the hair with a mixture of olive oil, egg, honey and a little vinegar and wait for 1 hour. (if it is difficult, do it for half an hour) then you wash it. when washing, you should wash with lukewarm water, not hot water. because if the egg is in hot water, it will freeze and it will be difficult to get out.


back in the 90's, it was a formula often suggested by teachers against lice in primary school. after applying it, we would stick our heads in the hot stove and wait for minutes.


it is a fact that it also stopped my hair loss. at least my hair is still on the back of my head. :)


it is a much more effective and logical action than paying money for the ridiculous creams and masks in the markets. if i ask any of my friends with beautiful long hair, they say olive oil. i will drive from time to time from now on. because for my goal of growing hair up to the waist, those ends must not be cut and remain moist.


because i'm rich, i use natural olive oil, not stupid things. i recommend it to all rich people like me. just kidding i tried it for the first time, very excited.


the method that makes my hair soft and shiny, of course, i broke a few vitamin bulbs into it with almond oil and vinegar. it is approved by me. it brought my hair with corn tassel ends to its knees

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