antral gastritis

antral gastritis

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it is gastritis that occurs in the part of the stomach called the "antrum". you can see the antrum at:…its-lexikon/bilder/506680.jpg (see gastritis) ukte: darth maul


the disease that i learned today as a result of endoscopy. as a result of 4 months of back, chest, stomach, intestinal pain and weight loss, i greeted him happily by saying "thank you" while thinking what the hell is this. after my brother died in my arms due to cancer, i never complain about my troubles. took the piece, the doctor will apply the treatment according to the result from the stomach. it looked like a nice diet way to us too.


it doesn't go away, i tried all kinds of diets, vinegar, pickles, olive oil, pills, antacids, garlic, onion... i'm in pain no matter what i eat, i'm in pain all day, i can't even work full time in a place anymore.


a type of gastritis that makes the stomach hurt even when you drink water. it can make a person's life hell after a meal. you're walking around with chest burning like lungs on fire. if you do not pay attention to the meals, you will vomit as a result of gas formation in the stomach, and forget about sleeping with a burning stomach. and of course the diagnosis is made as a result of endoscopy.


type of gastritis that occurs in the lower part of the stomach. sometimes it gets so intense that you think your rib cage will burst, how many times does it wake you up at night with that pressure.