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antichrist 2

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as of now, it's a horror movie on star tv. this and similar mystical films are about psychology and sleep patterns. surely there are hadiths on these issues, but for the hafizes to wake up easily from rem sleep. many religious scholars do not accept these hadiths as authentic.


the bad movie watched on "saturday horror night", in which otherworldly (claiming) religions are battling a giant global conspiracy. a production that doesn't even make you want to make fun of it.


the continuation of the antichrist made in 2015. the first movie ended with the birth of the antichrist, i think we will start to see how the antichrist will bring the doomsday to the world in this movie. by the way, the mother of the antichrist in the first movie committed suicide, we will see his sister Öznur instead, link. it will be released on june 16, 2017, we are looking forward to it.


--- spoiler --- demons doing threesome (ffm) --- spoiler ---


don't watch. waste your time. i came across it on tv as of now, i am ashamed of my theness.


it was a movie that we watched with my friends yesterday when we were looking for a horror movie in the cinema because it was the only alternative we found and we fucked up. yes we fucked up but from laughing. because for the movie i can only use the word horror as: horror parody. instead of the amateur acting we are used to in horror movies, there was real section acting on flash tv here. absurd characters such as zombie genies and the woman of laughter made it impossible not to laugh. there is no need to give spoilers because it was a cliché in the movie cliché.