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statistical objective to measure whether a variable added to an established scheme makes a difference according to the test results obtained after.


(see: analysis of variance).


abbreviation for analysis of variance.


it is a test that tests whether there is a difference between the means of the groups, not the variances. if there is a difference, you must sit down and do post-hoc tests.


when the number of groups is 3 or more, we refer to the sublime entity called anova, since the t test may be usable when looking at the difference between the averages. for later, post-hoc tests are performed.


the damn subject that i conveyed my love to my teacher, who made the calculations by hand one by one. there is excel, there is a minitab.. i am studying at an applied school. may 20, if i remember after the finals are over, what would i be? stupid thread grrr


have 3 groups. can't i compare their mean by doing a t-test between groups 1-2, 2-3 and 1-3 instead of anova? you compare. if you get 0.10 of the first type error on each one, the first type error has reached the level to enter the ass. anova is required to keep the first type of error under control.

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