another life (tv series)

another life (tv series)

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it's a madhouse, not a spaceship. down to his artificial intelligence, they're all bipolar. artificial intelligence is making anxiety gestures. whatever a mission it is, there is no sane entity on board. environment like classroom in life sciences. an incredibly ridiculous cast from the lead actor to the extra, an incredibly infamous scenario. glances, quarrels, transitions fiasco. a complete "whatever we put in, they eat anyway" content. shame on all the costumes, decor, cgi. with what hopes did i start though.


although it is a space series, it is a series that talks about the armenian genocide.


description : the second episode is the tv series that talks about the so-called armenian genocide in the 21st minute. i said it would be watched for starbuck, but if they don't collect it in the next episodes, it looks like garbage. i will watch with a little more patience. i edit. edit: i forced to watch 3 episodes. nonsense, illogical and unscientific "science fiction" series. it would be more meaningful if they made a pornographic parody of this show.. at least the people on that ship would have a purpose... also, it includes a ladyboy doctor who doesn't understand anything.. whatever.


what about the transvestite spaceship crew? come on, alright, be it a transvestite or not. they dressed the transvestite going into space like the transvestites waiting by the roadside in taksim. is there such a stupidity? i get distracted every time to see what kind of dummy is this.


it's amazing that i watched the first 15 minutes of the first episode and went straight to the last episode! soap opera. actually, although i appreciate netflix's idea of giving 7-year-olds the opportunity to write screenplays and raising future screenwriters, i think the minimum age to write a sci-fi series should be 18.


show where they fix a ship with a wrench or a toad at least once in every episode. omg, build an engine that exceeds the speed of light, but fix the ship's heaters with a froglet.