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everyone has written everything, of course, but i will share a sentence between the lines that caught my attention. --- spoiler --- in the days of food shortages: squlealer * never used the word "reduction", preferring to say "recalibrate". (see: update not hike) --- spoiler ---


this is a book with one of the best endings ever written. --- spoiler --- inside, twelve of them were shouting in anger, twelve of them looked alike. it was now clear what had happened to the pigs' faces. the animals outside looked at the faces of a pig or a human, but could not tell them apart. --- spoilers ---


a book that i have just had the chance to read. maybe the fact that i read it these days made me even more impressed. i look at the end of the book, there is a date that says "november 1943 - february 1944". i look at the calendar, 70 years have passed. then i look back at my country, and i see that we are going through the same things without skipping a line. i will say that everyone should read it, but if we were a society that can read, i think everything would be very different.


(see: four feet good, two feet bad)


as someone who finished the book 5 minutes ago, i can say very clearly; one of the best books i've ever read. there has never been a novel where i felt so miserable and helpless while reading it. it is really frightening that there is such a similarity between the country we live in and the novel. my nerves are officially broken ya


but i'm going to get this napoleon out of somewhere. anyway... it's not him, shame on snowball.


it is impossible not to identify the napoleon character with rte while watching the game. especially in the parts where he calls out to other animals by saying "every comrades", rte's calling to the sheep in the square by saying "my brothers" comes to mind. (see: we also know how to set up a mill)


"half of the shallow people/incapable oxen who go to recep ivedik 2 as a must-have, if they read the book, watch the adapted play of this work, from the country----or whatever, i'm not saying anything."