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the biggest angut angut does is to wait next to his dead wife until he dies and not to take his eyes off her body. if we saw it at the end of an american movie, we would say wow, look at love and we would cry too, but if it is a bird that does this, the right thing to do is to look like angut first and then put the word angut, which means stupid, into the language. however, what a romantic and loyal bird we call angut. now, if we say don't look at the lover like anguish, would we say a good thing or would we be insulting? of course it's hard to say that.


this is the thing that was not shot because it was considered sacred somewhere in anatolia, and that they were said to be very connected to each other - they have overcome it. namely; according to a legend, a pair of separated angut birds commit suicide by entangling their necks. an innocent bird species that falls victim to such anguish things.


a bird species of duck family, with tile-colored feathers and easy hunting...


the word that may have come from the name of the bird called "angit" or "ankut". according to what we have read in selim somçağ's book "birds of the country", the reason why people who are not aware of what they are doing are addressed in this way may have been due to some of the behaviors exhibited by the stingrays due to their extreme devotion to their spouses. when a hunter shoots and hits a stout, the partner of the shooter would continue to fly over his partner instead of going away from there, even if the hunter fired, he would not escape.


if you hear or read somewhere, the roman emperor lying on his side and eating a cherry cannot have gone far*


one day; if i become such a dictator or something, i will shake those who use this word 'angut' to insult or describe the denyos in front of them, on the end of oily ropes. - what do you want? from my beautiful bird. colourful, cheerful, loyal. ok; can't fly backwards, some problem with landing gear. it's a bit of a naive animal, but don't go too far. moreover; please see the entry and nick compatibility.


those who do not use the when writing articles for the magazines (see: ssg)...