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if similar conversations freeze in england or something, if this girl gets depressed and commits suicide, the merlin followers will undoubtedly be responsible.


the woman i think the british brought out in retaliation against the indomitable south by saying that there would be an ugly king but not an ugly queen...


the woman looks awfully like friday in robinson and friday. meanwhile, he was likened to marco aurelio, but it seemed more like racism to me.


every time i see it on tv, i feel like "turn off that tv!!" the woman who made the urge to shout.


since the 3rd season of merlin, every episode is shown with her décolleté, what the hell are they doing bagyan.


this lady can be our daughter, england's most torpedo player.


the actor i think is torpedoed by the director of the merlin series. even in the merlin series credits, his name precedes breadley james (arthur). in a merlin legend, who else could come after merlin but arthur? in any case, her type has nothing to do with the guinevere chick person at the core of the legend. pity arthur when there was a michelle ryan and a katie mcgrath.


the person that even bradley james doesn't understand the girl's place in the drama.

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