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a miraculous drug that can have an immediate effect on all kinds of throat ailments. i recommend the spray one. since it numbs the area where it is squeezed, even in the worst infections, sore throat / burning / stinging is not felt. of course, it should be noted that it is used for purely symptomatic relief, not for therapeutic purposes. the only downside is that you can't taste anything you eat or drink after using it.


even though my throat does not hurt, it is a spray with a small handle given by the doctor i went to with the complaint of flu. apart from its known effects, vomiting can be achieved by squeezing directly into the throat. therefore it can also be used to reduce the effect of drunkenness.


this makes a miraculous effect on the body, which is depleted from pharyngitis. it does such a thing to your ticklish, sore, bleeding throat, sir... ohhh, you can say it's softly after gargling. i used to use the spray of this medicine, i used to say when there was a naughty tantum verde, but however, one day i met its mouthwash and i divorced the mouthwash of tantum verde. oh, by the way, be careful while gargling, don't swallow it. it's a little painful after that.


it is a kind of medicine that is good for aphthae, or at least relieves the pain a little bit. it numbs the mouth, but it still doesn't prevent you from eating or talking. in short, it doesn't make much of an exaggeration.


it is very good to use it after tooth extraction -if there was an atramvatic extraction-. provided that it starts the day after shooting. if your risk of alveolitis decreases, of course, i use my midwife's tactic and make a salt water mouthwash. but an andorex is better than a farhex. footnote: yes, i am a pharmaceutical representative, friends.


mouthwash that treats your gums and licks your tongue. you do garagaragragrgargargar and then you can't taste what you eat and drink for 3 hours. come on, giggle...


a nice medicine that brings people to sleep and relieves the pain in swallowing when it is blown into sensitive tonsils that have grown enough to close the entire throat.


spray with a small handle given by the doctor i went to with a sore throat.