and then we danced

and then we danced

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it is a very successful film that does not fall apart, it is a tireless, clean narrative. go and watch; because love is love.


georgian call me by your name. but as posh as "call me by your name" is, this movie is just the opposite of it, how did foreigners say it? huh, yes: down to earth. i like it a lot!


it is a movie that can be watched even to see that stupid grin on merab's face. --- spoiler --- i'm stuck in irakli's red clothes. the red shirt seen under the black shirt at the dance rehearsals, the red shirt in the scene where the two met for the last time. merab found a passion and lost it. then she quickly recovered, put on her red robe and returned to her true passion, dancing. --- spoilers ---


and then we danced is a naive movie that can't find a solution other than bar scenes to give its youth energy. i like this version of it too, it's a separate issue, but comparing it to call me by your name seems meaningless to me, this movie is a bit lacking. it has an incredible lead performance, an amazing last 15 minutes. in my opinion, these were the things that made the film stand up. without forgetting, the lead boy was very beautiful. 7.5/10