an integral part

an integral part

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this phrase is also used as a joke to describe people who are constantly stuck to each other, who cannot do anything without each other as if they have entered an organic unity, and do not want to do anything (which is a common phenomenon among women and especially young girls). for example, i just said the other day: "maria pilar is just like the integral part of hortensia". they also call it side squash, by the way.


a legal term that is generally used in legal texts... it is obvious that it is the work of dumb lawyers that it started to be used on the street, it is a pleasant set of words. by the way, it seems to me that a minor part of my mutammim is a part of my mutammim. you know, in some places, we can use the juz in a way that can have a meaning on its own (see: the Qur'an). but i've never heard of it being used widely alone, without a minor next to it, but it's something like that...


(see complementary goods)


(see: oya bora)


the supplementary part is essentially an annex. for example, the absence of a document that is declared as an integral part after an article requested to be added to a contract is written on a separate piece of paper, renders the contract invalid..


integral parts. example; your penis is like a must-have bowl.


osman tamburacı's mustache for example.


essential for the object. something that, in the absence of which, would cause the object to fall contrary to its definition. the roof of the house, the four tires of the car, izzet altınmeşe's me, etc.

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