an extraordinary night

an extraordinary night

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the story of a bourgeois class person who does not have excessive ambition and enthusiasm, who finds out how his life has become ordinary, how this mediocrity has removed him from the norms of humanity as if it has been a machine, and after a strange day and night he has lived, he finds out what the real happiness is hidden in.


it is a book written on existence that tells very plainly the bourgeois life of the period and the place where the people of the same period who were left behind were put by this bourgeois section. stefan zweig has once again done some great psychological research. i like. can be recommended. İşbank is the work of modern classics series number 66.


the person who has found himself once has nothing to lose in this world. and once he has understood the man in himself, he understands all men.


stefan zweig says nothing but tells a lot. it's good to know i'm not alone, i'm waiting for the same enlightenment...


'one who has once found himself has nothing to lose on this earth. and once understood the human in himself understands all humans'


this is the first book i've read by zweig. if the mysterious atmosphere created about that night at the beginning of the book had not been so exaggerated, i might not have experienced the slight disappointment i experienced towards the end. there is an entrance that puts people to expect very different scenarios in their minds. on the other hand, i agree with the idea of 'hitting rock bottom in order to find your own way'. i felt and understood this while reading. but everyone's bottom is different of course, we read the book of a bourgeois in 1910s europe. still a good, readable, 69-page long story.


the work of stefan zweig, which makes the reader tired and overwhelmed by the fact that its narration is a bit heavy, but is a complete masterpiece on the basis of subject and main idea. it is a must-read book that is adorned with many aphorisms, contains inverted corners, and prompts human beings to individual exploration. --- spoiler --- are we living a life that we want and that makes us happy or is it a life that is desired and that makes those around us happy? is it worth it to gain people's admiration? are our mistaken assumptions a real mistake? --- spoilers ---


full of underlined words, a short, moderately delicious story to be finished in one reading. --- spoiler --- because i truly believe that only those who can live their own destiny a mystery do. --- spoilers ---