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for those who are wondering who did internship with and for which institution in time; Çevik bir was appointed as kenan evren's aide to Çankaya mansion on "september 13, 1980". of course and thank god this training has been debunked.


a name like a sequel... even more like a code name...


pashasal name, which feels like an exercise or an operation rather than a person example: tc police dealt a heavy blow to the white death merchants with the agile 1 operation example: our warships returning from the agile 1 exercise in the red sea were taken into maintenance after being greeted with enthusiasm, perhaps it is a type of movement example: our athlete gained an advantage over his opponent with an agile movement, it can also be a qualifying adjective example: necip is an agile person


went to the military camp in marmara eğlisi for a holiday, but they were commemorating the pasha on the sign outside the building where we were staying, saying, "this building was built by a major general agile." there was no qibla in the building, my friend, they cut the southeast facing parts of the rooms. they used to check our hands every morning and say if secularism is gone. it was a difficult camp, i finished first.


a full operation, the name of the operation. when i was little i always thought there was such a thing.


the former commander, whose somali debacle was suppressed with great success.. is also one of the architects of the memorandum scandal..

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