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as a result of the use of ratchets, the slimy state they fall into ends when they consume plenty of fluids.


it is an antibiotic that has relieved my sore throat, which has been inflamed for a whole weekend, within 3 hours. i eat it. the only problem is i have to use it all week.


what makes the swollen tonsils, which the body's vitamin c-enhanced defense system has not been able to reduce for 3 days, bring peace 3 hours after the first use


an antibiotic of 1000 mg that cannot be swallowed and sticks to the throat. it sticks again when i try to cut it in half and swallow it. swallowing medicine without water/@sare was the medicine that made me eat my entry.


a super drug that shakes two yellow-red 500 gram capsules and relieves my throat pain. (i wonder what the placebo effect did?) may god not be troubled by those who find it and do it.


antibiotic which i think affects the hearing system in an interesting way. after drinking, a hum begins in the ears. it is also a fact that he has commodified people. he has an interesting head, in short. i drink it, it's very good. i'm very good, come over.


commercial forms on the market: (see: alfoxil) (see: amoxina) (see: atoxylin) (see: dentamax) (see: helipak) (see: largopen) (see: largopen-bid) (see: largopen-bid fort) ( see: remoxil) (see: topramoxin) (see: trio) (see: xibac) there are also iv-im forms of largopen, alfoxil and remoxil.


semisynthetic penicillin. it is important that the absorption from the intestine is very good. it shows high activity against gram negative bacteria. thanks to its use together with clavulanic acid (clavulanate) (which is a substance included in the group of beta lactamase inhibitors), the chances of being protected from degradation by beta lactamases and therefore their effectiveness increase...(see: augmentin)