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among the sleep

One of the anticipated independent horror games of 2013 can be previewed by clicking here.


among the sleep

I recently finished a nice indie game. Without giving away any spoilers, it began with a kick start and is now available on Steam. The game is relatively short, but it still managed to make me feel uneasy, just like Outlast: Whistleblower. Despite its short length, the game has an impressive story that will leave you saying "hasss......." when you finish it.


among the sleep

This horror game was short but successful, and it effectively utilized sound effects to create a frightening atmosphere.


among the sleep

Baby of Amnesia is more of a thriller than a horror game, as there are no jumpscares and the monsters in the game give you a warning before they appear. It is not a great game, but it is playable if you have already completed Amnesia and Outlast. Of course, there will be cookies nearby, so let's go!


among the sleep

This game has a Turkish interface and takes people on a journey through a baby's subconscious, while also providing adults with insight into the subconscious of babies. Additionally, it is a game that splashes beneath them.


among the sleep

When I saw the lowest price on Steam, I immediately decided to add it to my library. I felt nauseous while playing alone, as I suffer from motion sickness. Thank you for helping me learn. Interestingly, I have never experienced this in CS:GO or other FPS games that I usually play. Despite this issue, I took a break every 30 minutes and was able to complete the game with achievements. It was a nice game, even though there were some control problems, etc. I'm not the only one who has a bad stomach due to motion sickness in this game; many of my friends on the internet have mentioned it.


among the sleep

Scary sad game with the theme of "be smart parents, don't bastard your child's psychology".

Even though we can't figure out what the images mean throughout the game, with the effect of tension, at the finish, the pieces come together and a deep and meaningful message emerges. nice i liked it.


among the sleep

who want a thousand witnesses to call it a baby, game that I started playing albeit a little late and also broadcast on my channel.

I had read that there are no sudden, splashy horror elements, but unfortunately there are like arms. even a sewer pipe.

vee done.
videos coming soon.
but not five or ten videos.
I will show you a summary in two or three videos.

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