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due to the dense protein it contains, it is a compound when the pork carcass mixes with the atmosphere**. also, the killers use it at the murder scene because it deforms the blood. it would not be formed and a match cannot be made with possible suspects..


compound that can provide very pleasant benefits despite its repulsive odor. did a bee stung you, the ammonia does not swell or anything, if a fly bites you, the itching does not go away. it will also keep all vermin away from you when you crawl outdoors. it has been the joy of life for crazy allergic bodies like me, i will not leave you with me.


while jumping and jumping after mosquito bites, you hope for help from him. as soon as you open the bottle, you start to jump higher.. your pain will be relieved.


i'm guessing that every kid didn't listen to the warnings, opened the lid of the ammonia bottle for once, took a sniff, then ran for a while with squealing steps.. or i'm an idiot, i don't know..


the inspiration for the word, which was coined by the swedish chemist torbern bergman in 1782, is the salt deposits containing ammonium chloride found around the jupiter ammon temple (dedicated to the egyptian god amon) in libya.


allegedly smuggled cockroaches. that's why i've been adding a small amount of ammonia to the cleaning water for a while and mopping the floor like that, just in case. huh, i'm not sure if ammonia works on the creature, which is not even affected by the radiation from the atomic bomb, but that's the world of hope.


it is a liquid whose scent is said to open the mind. every time i entered the internet cafe that smelled like piss, there would be a flood of thanks. so that's it.


if you make the mistake of keeping your skin in contact with your skin for a long time after a bee sting, the nalet that can transform the stinging point into a shriveled nipple model.

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