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she left kadebostany towards the end of 2015 and stated that she wanted to continue her career solo. i wasn't completely in tune with the group, they were sexualizing women, which was against my values and beliefs, she said. she continues her career alone with her album fleche love.


the person who owns that voice that makes us tremble in the song castle in the snow.


solitary vocalist of kadebostany.


a sweet goddess of voice.


(see: kadebostany) does anyone have an idea what she did after leaving and knows her social media accounts, let her green


after leaving kadebostany because of her sexist group members, she continues on her own path as fleche love, my dear amina. whether he was alone or lost his motivation, she entered a period of hesitation and began to travel the whole world. she shared the song "clouds" 1 year ago, i waited for a sequel, he consoled us that he and amina will come in our conversations, but finally her new song has just arrived, i hope it won't open up so much for new songs. hope for new song video site/watch?v=hsclhbg_gxq