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it is the name of an ancient city. it is also the name the kurds use for diyarbakir. i haven't been able to figure out why someone using this name is called "pkk". (see: #121759371) when you say amed, the state collapses.


the kurdish movement took the name amed. the mustaches of the kurds sweat early, so this term will not be appropriate, let's say a teenager, the kurdish youth proudly answer the question of where are they from. they prefer this hellenic name to the millennial name of the city, diyarbekir. whereas, mustafa kemal probably could not have known that when he changed the name of the city from diyarbekir to diyarbakir, it would happen because it did not fit the harmony of great celebrities during a regional tour. here's the name, this name doesn't fit the big vowel harmony, moreover, as if it's not enough, it is of greek origin.

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