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it's a very strange drug. video site/watch?v=ktficgrvk0w


it was dangerous to be bought and driven.


after taking it, you need to sleep as soon as possible. because the effect comes quickly, if you do not sleep and the full effect comes, then you can jump. sending nonsense messages to people, shopping online, going and cooking and putting everything in it, etc. and not remembering anything in the morning. also; (see walrus)


a medicine whose last miracle is to raise a vegetative patient to his feet. thus, the ethical problem of unplugging patients gains another dimension.…211-nyt-na and wt.mc_ev=click


(see mr. hankey)


in the usa, the selling price (14 pills) is 90 dollars if you do not have health insurance, and 1 dollar if you have health insurance. last time i bought it, the cashier at the pharmacy asked for 90 dollars when i entered my insurance information incorrectly, then when i corrected it, he asked for 1 dollar. the difference is quite large.


this drug increases the pleasure of sexual experience a few minutes after it is taken. if we make a small calculation; it puts you to sleep in 10 minutes, it starts to show its effect in 3 minutes. it takes you 7 minutes…06.12.2009 and categoryid=79 tiger woods you are a person with so much money, what is 7 minutes? just go.


drug name with hundreds of generic brand names next to heath ledger's dead body.