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what does this have to do with subtitle fetishism bro? people are voicing their complaints and some are defending this deficiency as if it were jeff bezos himself. oppose every shit well done.


is it really worth what you're dealing with for 8 liras, what are you calculating? if you divide it by 4 people, you make a profit of 6 liras per month. no, 3 people are on at the same time, i can't watch it, no, whose turn was it this month? it has nothing to do with lack of money, so everyone has 6 liras, not that much. i think you should consider getting a treatment or something, because this is not a normal thing. death has permeated your dna.


i am not an amazon prime member. i don't know the subtitle quality but the comments above made me laugh. the man paid and received a service. the service is flawed. says this. he's a subtitle fetishist. it says print it out on paper, watch it from there. just like the mentality that says i have no business with dollar bills.