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of course, it is the british who gave this name, as well as the english music that performs the best. (see: depeche mode) (see: radiohead) (see: muse) (see: placebo)


it has been abused here aimlessly, but people who have listened to rock/metal for a long time, can't break their bond with rock/metal music and turn to this genre, so there's no point in throwing shit. at the age of 30, brutal metal is not listened to much, but alternative rock is a genre that can always be enjoyed. arctic monkeys, radiohead, coldplay, greenday, oasis, pearl jam, nirvana, linkin park etc. it's useless to comment so badly when many other bands have dealt with alternative rock music.


it was the type of music that saved my life when i went to the studio for the first time. there is nothing we can play properly and we went to the studio to have some fun and to strum the songs we can play. there was a dialogue between me and the studio owner: studio owner: welcome guys, go like this, you can start playing clark city: let's get started guys studio owner: guys, what's your style by the way? clark sehir:hmm ee,well we...we do alternative rock we bro studio owner:well


if hard rock is throwing a metal pencil case on the floor, alternative rock is keeping a pink journal with a small lock.


it's a concept whose boundaries have been blurred—in common words, it's fucked up—with the 90s, when rock became pop (it's not an insult). so the concept of indie rock was coined with the end of the 90's to name the real "alternative" attitude in rock that prevailed at that time. (i have more to write)


those who are fierce fans of the current and popular the country foot (last terrible bike, we talk face to face, big house in blockade, men etc.) are biological adolescents, those who are not ferocious are permanent adolescents.


the musical term that began to be used in 1969 by the british music media, who saw the nick drake albums' 19th-century romance-based content as the beginning of a genre.


it is a music tour that many music groups understand as "alternative rock" when they say "alternative rock" in the country (that is, it is a separate topic of discussion) in the country. however, is that the case? most of the groups that make this music tour in the country (some of them should not be blamed) generally do pop rock.