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short, clear word used when you get an answer that you don't like and don't want, either to make the other person furious and angry, or when you can't find a shit to say. the whole speech remains as a word and is covered by you..


the last breath of the word.


it is a kind of acceptance cry used when it is not wanted to be called good, in fact it is not very good. not to mention that it leaves the impression that it is thought otherwise. word containing mini mini resentment.


it is an expression of reluctant acceptance. you don't want to argue - either you're too tired to argue or the argument has nowhere to take you - all right. it is quite passive-aggressive. the other person knows that although you accept, you don't actually accept.


acceptance clause


it is the word that a person sometimes says to himself after the train he missed. is where the word ends. it is a word that cannot be found anywhere in words. "well" is a word that can't hold on in any way (sentence, phrase).


it is a counter statement stating that the current situation is perceived and a new option will be changed according to the perceived situation. it shows that the state that the other person states with his/her explanations or just a declaration of will will be accepted without any effort to change that state, and that the first choice of that person is actually accepted on the basis that it is the most natural choice. therefore, it creates a stunned effect when heard by people who change their minds under the influence of persistence. however, in the boron neighborhood, the market establishment does not operate 7 days a week.


it is the most insidious word in the. there is a scene in the finale of aşk-ı memnu that proves this; behlül: don't be bihter, please don't do anything crazy. bihter : ok.

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