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oh so handsome, so sexy! thanks to rajrex, i learned the name and surname of this young friend. he plays the role of sami, asu's pimp, in what's wrong with adam fatmagül. i'm screaming "eat me" while watching! not that attractive! i don't even care about vural (buğra gülsoy) anymore. alpeeer! wall to wall!…0andplayername=alper saylık


talented friend who dragged the show called let's go alone in the last episodes of the show. screenwriters are also aware of this, so they give more and more time. at this rate, it will turn the series into one man show.


bitter life, iv. what's wrong with fatmagül, who has been playing in tv series such as osman, immortal heroes, emir commander and adanalı for a while, with a tangible and continuous role? he is an actor born in 1989, who plays the character of sami in the tv series. here is something for the curious.


he plays the role of a şakir in the tv series let's go.


got the taste of "my lion yusuf stump" in number 7 from him in the role of Şakir in the tv series "get up". i really saw the age of çorumlu fabric. good luck.


my beautiful, let's go, the exaggerated actress who pissed off. he talks when he talks but he talks nonsense, he never makes you laugh


kinda reminds me of david krumholtz.


i think he is a very talented player. he is doing a good job in the drama, let's go. i hope it will continue its success for many years.