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the director who makes a name for himself only with his work. come to us with such men. let me tell you before i forget, some people who get startled when they see the word the don't like themselves.


i can't see if it's just me, the talent of this man, or is it always written as a friend of his wife in this title. obviously the son of a wealthy family trying to make a movie. oh, he's making less and less bad movies. good luck.


diriliş ertuğrul is the director who will upset the the people because of his references to mustafa kemal atatürk and his frequently used visuals. (see mountain) (see mountain 2) (see: börü)


with the movie dağ 2, he brought his level to the top with the börü series. i have no doubt that he will carry it to nirvana with the göktürk trilogy.


i am stating that you can come here and look at the comments written under your name; if you want support in your projects, green it. if i have money in my pocket, i will give money. otherwise, i'll do transportation with my own car on the set, cook a meal or something, i don't know. keep your projects going.


the nationalists are generally the target of stateless and nationless people. if you dig a little bit of gold, either kurdishism comes out, they are either a spiteful armenian or they have a greek grandfather who was kicked in the ass of these stateless people. hah, that's exactly what those stateless people are doing, like alper caglar. just like he drove the alwayst nikli trash up there crazy. the man is an armenian, he is dressing up for alper caglar insidiously. don't let a stone touch your feet.


you call the man a rich boy, but his money does not go and eat with a girl like you. spends it on useful works for the country. the man shot one of the best films of the country for the money of an apartment in kadıköy. now he goes and buys a block with the money he earns with the sweat of his brow. for example, i say, of course, it would be better if he made a movie.


the creator of the mountain and boron series. i enjoyed watching both series. i especially take the movie mountain 2 and put it in a different place. göktürk trilogy, which he recently announced, aroused curiosity. i feel that alper Çağlar is sincere and i am happy to support the works of those i feel this.