alone with the youth

alone with the youth

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a book by ali fuat basgil. i remember it being translated into several languages. "auf eine wört die junge leute" may even be in german. (thanks more for the fix)


ali fuat başgil's work, which the ministry of national education included among the 100 basic works.…00temeleser/100temeleser.htm was published in serials in a scientific and technical journal for a period.


a must read for those who want to put your life in order.


if ali fuad başgil had invited me to his room and given face-to-face advice for 2 hours, it would have been at least as useful as this book. it was a book where i felt ashamed for a moment because i read it in my pajamas. glad i read it.


prof. ali fuad başgil's book. a sentence from the back cover of the book; i think that one of the reasons, and perhaps the main reason, of many of our young people getting tired and discouraged and falling into spiritual misery is their lack of guidance.


ali fuat başgil's book that stands out with its sincere language. the advice in the last pages of the book is very important. the words of people who have a problem in life are always valuable. this book is published by two publishers. get the original language one. i guess it was the dome broadcasts. edit: about its content and summary:…basgil-genclere-basbasa/


"work, my young friend, work! being needy is worse than dying".