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almost famous

William: Larry Fellows, what is your role in the Stillwater group? What would be missing without your contribution?
Larry Fellows: (Thinks for 3 seconds) I'm the bassist.
William: Yes... and what would be the missing chemical in the group's chemistry without that?
Larry Fellows: (Again waits 3 seconds) Bass?


almost famous

--- spoilers ---

It seemed no coincidence that penny lane's statements that he could easily find plane tickets (I forgot how he said it exactly), that he could recite what the stewardesses said while on the plane, and that William's older sister was the stewardess.


almost famous

A beautiful Cameron Crowe movie that instills a passion for rock music and rock n' roll, reinforcing the belief and commitment to the genre. If there were three more movies like this, where Roger Waters and David Gilmour reconcile, Bonzo descends from the sky, Jim Morrison rises from his grave, and Ritchie Blackmore returns to Deep Purple, life would be a feast.


almost famous

The movie that made Penny Lane fall in love with Kate Hudson was especially memorable for its line: "While women will always be a problem for guys like us, most of the great art in the world is about that very problem." It melted the hearts of viewers with its heartfelt message.

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