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when i first saw asım can at the celebrities farm, i thought it was daytime and was horrified, and when i got back together and tidied myself up, of course i realized that he was atilla arcan.


there was hello haydar abu typing. i don't remember if it was really funny or if i was little, but i used to laugh at that type only. i don't have anything else in my mind about this person.


our player who looks a lot like the italian singer zucchero


(see: aysegul atik)


sympathetic personality who runs the bar campanella in the basement and is a very successful host


- but you don't have to say it. everyone knows that getting this sales receipt is a civic duty. when i do it, i already buy the sales receipt.


for years i said to a friend of mine, "there was a man called a dead man. don't you remember?" i always got the answer to my question, "there is no such person...", by participating in the magnificent production called celebrity farm, he is making up a criticism of dementia or "hell." the person who saved himself from his claim, -welcome back to us-. the other day, i looked at the program in question that; it has no taste. where is that middle-aged man who was exposed to a shopping voucher joke, where is the pigtailed guy. it didn't happen, i couldn't match it..


he is also a former basketball referee..