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'i feel like de, which means genius. when i stand next to others, i get restless, grin and look makeshift. i have to be written separately, i don't suit anyone.


as everyone says, ah muhsin writes in the famous style. but he writes really well. - spoiler


it is similar to ah muhsin famous in style, the poems and articles on his blog are read without getting bored. “there are moments in life when people hit rock bottom... i don't. i feel like i'm still drifting to the bottom..” “i don't remember how to love a person. teach me. take my hand, look into my eyes, teach me to love you patiently, like teaching the alphabet to a child who has just started school, as if teaching a forty-year-old buddhist to pray. don't give up on mercy and compassion. look at me so that my shyness will be ashamed of the mist of your eyes and self-destruct..''


love his style with a paragraph that i read, and until that moment i had no idea who he was. these lines are really good; "the eskimos used to express the types of snowfall with 75 words. i think because their lives are spent in snow. we can also express the toilet with dozens of different words. toilet, toilet, wc, ablution room, footpath, number one hundred, kenef, kubur, mesihane, etc. what kind of life is it? if we live now..."