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what a pity. very sinful and shameful. what i wrote is not for the deceased. those who live to us ourselves. to the readers who wrote this entry. one by one we are falling. it's like the prelude to a collapse. i feel like we are at the beginning of the end now. i hope someone with a conscience will bend over the poor now. without bending into eternity. social state social society. muslim society. our comrades. whatever you believe is the bottom of hell. for humanity, not politics.


may god give patience to his family.


if you want to know a country, look at how people die in that country. ali kabasakal commits suicide. the reason is that his wife said let's go to the market. he went into the bathroom saying, "you stay a while, let me take a shower" and committed suicide with a shotgun. 1.5 liras came out of ali kabasakal's pocket! if anyone asks, you say the economy is flying.


the person who will be perceived as "not mentally stable" in the pro-press media tomorrow. while the citizens are committing suicide one by one due to lack of money, the man has a carpet made there for 350 thousand liras. he gets that carpet made with that man's money, ali kabasakal's money. if i have a right to a piece of feather on the carpet you step on, if i have a share in the pattern of your wife's bag of 350 thousand liras for which you had that headband banned twice, if i have a right to a speck in your son's ships and your daughter's salary, let it be haram.


let's ban the sale of shotguns so that these suicides end (!). if you eat.


if true, it is a very sad story. while some are proud of the size of the carpet in their palace, some die with 1.5 liras in their pockets. your justice ...