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i think that with the red he saw in the celtic-rangers match played today, he reached the maximum number of cards a striker can see in a season (45 matches - 30 goals - 17 yellow - 5 red matchaholic data). ours is chasing after it. hey, there are no vineyard sellers. will you buy this as if there is a criminal record, the country's hair is broken, and its thinner is missing? repentance repentance...


video site/watch?v=vzwanmaixso


striker reminiscent of emenike's sinister style with its style. emenike could not be very useful in the future due to his love of playing a single striker. but this friend seems to be quite successful as a wing striker. being able to use both feet also gives him an advantage.


this guy is junub you know, janab. thanks to @alicek, i watched it for the first time. if they transfer it, they should bring it to finland via transfer. sauna, the bath for a break there.


ali koç's plane first landed in scotland, finished the job with this apache, and went to england from there, they say wilshere will get his apache. my analysis as a straight man who makes football player comments from videos: he is a brother who can hit the goalkeeper from every angle, with both feet and his head, from inside or outside the penalty area. if he comes back as a straight man and is successful, ali coach's vision will brag about keh keh.


fat football player have excess weight. oil bag. type is also repulsive. if he were with me, i would slap him. dam boy.


(see: alfredo jose morelos avilez/#73769363) (see: believing in search)


the 23-year-old rangers striker, who scored 30 goals and 11 assists in 48 games last season, but managed to concede 5 red cards. with this definition, we can say that he is the artillery that will become a legend in the super league * there are also news about the premier league and the bundesliga, and it is said that the club will not leave 3-5 million in this market, it will ask for 10-15. i think the british and the germans won't take the man who got 5 red cards, he won't be convinced by the country either, we've heard his name for many years.