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the translator is a very slick shaker. he shook it a few more times in the program, but i thought he was "joking" her. they just wentofed off with the following dialogue: alexandra stan - you're being only mean when you work or are you mean all the time? translator - (speaking of the huge evil eye bead in alexandra's hand) says "when i'm feeling bad, i'll wear this and feel good". (bkz: the best example of shaking your ass)*


person i want to have sex with. my type is more or less like this


he has just sat on beyazıt Öztürk's image of a good family child for nearly 20 years.


inna 2 (see inna)


while most of our own artists were too lazy to say two sentences about november 10, he shared something like this: good luck.


white himself says "he comes from a neighboring country, he is from romania!" he is a human being who has helped him gain a 1/1 scale world map by introducing him.


as seen on the white show, this is the blonde version of the nez we know. when i first saw it, "what's wrong with nez??" it caused me to react.


this is what you know. the lemonade song that looks like a lamp, it has an interesting tone, and it's pretty cool. if we leave aside the prejudices of "the eastern european will be a slum" and the "i don't listen to pop" trips, it's pretty good for the pop music market. saaaani i won't be you maaaani : video site/watch?v=hrbhjsqc2za