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alexander graham bell

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the inventor whose first and only known recording of his voice was revealed.…l-now-204137471.html "in witness whereof—hear my voice, alexander graham bell." demis.


graham bell, the inventor of the telephone, could never telephone or speak to his wife or mother because both women were deaf. very sad.


he was not the first to invent the telephone. the person who invented the phone 2-3 years ago is the man who took the patent because he didn't have the money to renew the patent. source: (see: book of ignorance)


he is a person whom we give credit to in this world where we give praise after the death of steve jobs. ''rip alexander graham bell''


scottish origin inventor invented the telephone, made a revolution, made a mess, didn't say money is money, he made many more inventions: the year is 1876, a cold year... i wonder if "none of these would have happened without him", of course, but what? what a time, he was a super human after all.


the mediocre scientist invented by the telephone, who came from outer space and tried to take over the world. graham bell is nothing more than a battery-powered robot in human form.


"hear my voice" was the first word he said when he first tried his invention.