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alex caruso

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26-year-old veteran basketball player.


the man has 5 dunks on his nba instagram account. who said this? we love flying white in nba


looking at his type, he looks like he entered the field by mistake while looking for his place in the stands. the name is not the name of a basketball player at all. always works as a backup, not quite the top five. if i were a trainer, i would like this man to be in the squad. if he comes to the country, but they put it in gbt three times a day.


he is a good basketball player if he is not registered sex offender type.


he is an nba player who does not change his stupid image because he knows very well that his type is eating his bread. he is very talented and you will see that he will definitely interfere with his type when he is well accepted. now the first job will definitely add hair


he's a real man of duty, whom i think is very clever. he plays both ways, he makes good use of the given minutes. every team needs such men on the way to the championship.


i am my lion. he remained with the lakers on a two-year contract. i believe he will be one of the debuting players next year.


the basketball player who signed a 2-year contract with the los angeles lakers worth $5.5m.