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wizard.. and i think his soul is in my sister!!


it's a famous legend that his death came true after looking at the doctor who couldn't cure him and saying "you'll be in an hour" like that.


he dedicated the poem gone are the ghosts and gods to mustafa kemal atatürk.


he is a deified man in his foreign country, while he would not be able to earn a title other than the crazy of the neighborhood if he were a turk. the most correct interpretation of the situation was obelix as "these british are crazy".


british writer who proved that the groove of inspiration is double and one can look at both the light and the dark side.


the famous "occultist" of supernatural by naming the two main villains of the series aleister and crowley.


it is known that he teaches reading, writing, speaking and understanding backwards to those who follow him and his work on time... jimmy paige is an avid follower of him and there are some strange passages that make sense when the song stairway to heaven is played backwards. raises a frightening suspicion that some of it is true.


an occultist person whose words about verbal communication are not empty at all. for example, something like: "people think that talking is a sign of thinking. whereas it usually isn't. on the contrary, speaking is a mechanical escape of the body from the tension of thinking, just as bodily exercise helps muscles temporarily release their own weight, pain, fatigue, and forethought. " i think this was due to the diary of a drug fiend. note: my translation is correct wrong...