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if i find the elixir of immortality, i'll have this man drink it before i do. i love you like a relative.


when he got old, his old cuteness never fell on him. became a snake man.


when he won an oscar with scent of a woman, he reproached the academy saying "you destabilized me"$ great actor


let go of dad.. if he plays my dad directly.. i believe.. i doubt my real dad..


the italian origin usa of the best in the world...especially in the 70's, he took a great place for himself with his unique films: the godfather (72), the godfather part ii (74) ), dog day afternoon (75), sicilian (76), serpico (78), scarface (80)... a beautiful person who has not lost anything from his magnificence even though he has done things like devil's advocate or donnie brasco in recent years...


saw this in my dreams recently. scent of a woman was in the middle of one of those screaming, oratory tirades she had been accustomed to since. i couldn't stand it "what the hell are you doing again" i popped one on the back of his neck. he looked at me in amazement and stunned. at that moment my world collapsed, i said "forgive me if my hand was broken even if i didn't hit it". he said, "istanbul is very hot now, it's natural to have your ass uncovered; but you still cover it up, don't have such rambling dreams ever again." i kissed your hand, we made up.