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think the actress was a victim of the producers of that time. they've made tons of money off the backs of all the players, they haven't even looked back at thousands of them except for a few. many films of the actors, most of whom died in misery, are still on the screen. who is this money going to? what is filming in the hospital bed? where was it seen? no matter how many mm you pull! who knows what inhumane treatment there are but we don't know about most of them.


in the movie "hababam class", the principal introduces mahmut to hodja as "lütfü bey, our philosophy teacher". later becomes a mentor. now i don't know if it's a dubbing error or a change made because no one notices.


desire film needs to make a statement about his death. no matter how costly the movie is, completing the movie in hospital conditions is a disgrace.


in his interview below, his mind göktay stated that during the desert shooting of akil Öztuna's movie tosun paşa in kemerburgaz, he fell from a camel and suffered internal bleeding and died in the hospital. the last scene where he is seen in the movie was shot in the first aid hospital. http://www.radikal.com.tr/…tan_deliriyor-1256940


the person whose death should definitely be clarified. it's a shame if he fell from the camel and died.


it was said that he died after the shootings of tosun pasha in 1976, but he acted in the 1977 film hababam class on vacation. death date is given as 20 november 1985 in other sources.


he is a beautiful person who has not acted all his life and devoted himself to cinema in his late years. he is originally a soldier, an amateur cinema worker. he died before september 1977. while the aforementioned hababam class was on vacation while the movie was being shot, he was supposed to be in the hospital, but he could not break the insistence and took part in the team. he even fell ill during the movie and was hospitalized again. it is possible that the last scene was shot in the hospital.