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wise man. however, he says that yoga is very useful for the spiritual evolution of humanity, it is said that it serves humanity, but he asks for money from those who come to learn yoga from him, he says to the questioner "i will have a book on this subject" and brings it to the reader. i can't understand why he did this. people inevitably find it strange. my message box is open for anyone who wants to enlighten me.


there are rumors about him that he "connected to sect events, many yoga instructors left the yoga academy for this reason".


i don't know if the news about him is true. but this is very clear, the man is a master at at least one thing.


gives energy.


i attended his yoga classes for a while. i always kept my distance from their conversations, books, etc.; but i noticed that the teachers at the yoga academy act like disciples. then i met other yoga schools where the yoga academy often shits. they were not expensive places like the yoga academy trying to sell everything at exorbitant prices; even if you didn't have money, they were places you could go. that was correct. luckily the facts are coming to the surface now.


erich fromm has a famous book. escape from freedom. it is definitely cited in psychology courses. the main idea of this book is that human beings do not want to be free and live freely. instead, they prefer to follow the herd and take shelter somewhere. this is our most primitive emotion. badelers, mahdis, alien cults in america, cults, moon cultists, yogis are all from the same story.

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