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he was such a unique personality that he would leave the capital of his time and establish a city and lifestyle from scratch in the middle of the desert, together with those who believed in him, and to a great extent, the deceased


ancient egyptian pharaoh who believed in one god, i.e. aton, father-in-law of tuthankamon (aka tuthankaton). nefertiti's husband. probably one of the hundreds of prophets sent to humanity.. tuthankamon tuthankamon


the poor pharaoh who was treated as a perverted cult leader because he rejected polytheism (in fact, for political reasons) and believed in only one god.


as someone who lived in 1300 bc, he was a pharaoh too late to say "the father of the ideas of the heavenly religions". clear prophetic history hz. it starts with abraham, which corresponds to 1800 bc.


before the emergence of monotheistic religions (1372-1354 bc), whose name was erased from all over egypt, he disregarded the religious beliefs of the time and disregarded the belief of centuries by believing in the monotheistic aton (the sun god). ...the cursed pharaoh of egypt, who still lived with an unknown disease (his face and other limbs are too thin and long)....


egyptian pharaoh whose mother was phoenician. there was a monotheistic belief in the middle east geography where the phoenicians lived. therefore, it is possible that akhenaton got his ideas from his mother, whom he loved very much.