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while the beşiktaş supporters weren't even making a proper comment about himself, the dog started barking "hohahahah 200 m len", "wandırkit we will wrap in thinners". what's wrong with you friend...


in his first goal last week, before he got a pass from oğuzhan, he took a step back to avoid being offside. his amazing shot this week also amazes me with his football talent. well done boy.


ajdin s-400 hasic


tyler boyd takes the father now his foreign quota.


he is a football player who made the people of rizespor say "hasictir" with the goal he scored tonight.


i don't understand what is expected of him. this kid is a man who loses a single man, can get rid of the pressure around the penalty area with the ball, passes people and shoots. what would he do, would he direct the team's attacks? he got away with the ball in a couple of positions, he scattered it left and right, he made a good shot at the goal.


the skill that needs to be played for 20-30 minutes each match. this year while there are 5 player substitutions for its development


it is a disgrace to spend for a talent-poor player like boyd who has been playing with zero goals and zero assists for years, i hope the management will say stop to this disgrace. folks spend millions of dollars to find wonderkids like hasic, we're trying to spend the talent we have. the boy has a dribble, he has a shot, it's obvious that he will get better as he plays, what's wrong with boyd sergen ?