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is a free-to-play 3d mmog (multi-player online game) sci-fi flight simulation in which you will cruise in different places in the sky and space. dive into the diverse landscapes of the planet phillon and conquer the world above it. fight yourself in interesting missions, protect your nation and gain comrades to fight together in battle formation. progress by forming a brigade or being elected president of your nation in elections.


again new re-labeled gameforge game. it is useful to run away because it is very likely to be harmful to your soul, your pocket, in short, your whole body.


it was a game i played for years, i gave up my high school period, now i regret it.


it's like a waste of time and money when game managers remain silent in the face of injustice. it is interesting that when you trust someone in the game and give your item, then the person who bought it does not give it back and tells the managers that he is trying to sell it to you, and they do nothing and prove you wrong. theft, blasphemy, injustice. i don't even recommend it to pass the time, but the number of players does not exceed the fingers of a hand.


bc u is the game where i became the president of the nation, the head of the brigade and spent tens of thousands of dollars. i spent a lot of time, met a lot of people, enjoyed it. but if i had the mind i have now, i wouldn't get so carried away. i exaggerated that time. meanwhile, it occurred to me. you'll see when you know. yorukefe what if i find you :)

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