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the experiences of a brother who rooted an android. --- spoiler --- bro, i don't think you should post it anyway, but you know. (see: android is regret) --- spoiler ---


2018 film about the emotional closeness experienced during an alpha centauri-targeted space mission. the rapprochement is happening between the crew of the ship milutin and the android named nimani, whose mission is to meet his every need. there are four actors in the movie, one of them is stoya. imdb


a movie that can only be watched for stoya. actually they're all good, but the sex scene at the 33rd minute...


erotic sci-fi. if i remember, i only remember one scene: --- spoiler --- they give the man a stone android that will do anything he wants without question. the man immediately chooses the shy and sexually reluctant from the settings, and then forcibly rapes her. the man who did it is a scientist, an astronaut or something. in short, when men's hormones have the opportunity, they return the body to its initial settings, even caveman, and pervert it. --- spoiler --- it works and it doesn't have another scene that can be made sense anyway.


woman committed suicide to kill man


it's a good movie for those who like eroticism and science fiction, but it really bored me.


the movie that i thought was a parody when i saw the cast and then learned that it wasn't.


i thought it was a parody, they made a serious production movie. (see: