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the god of goodness and light of the zoroastrians who say, "let the thought be well thought, the word well said, the work done well!" zoroastrians are known as fire worshipers (magis), which is wrong. for zoroastrians, fire is only the reflection of ahura mazda on earth. 80% of all zoroastrians in the world live in india and the rest live in the city of yazd and its environs in iran. they are thought to be 300,000 in total. they used to feed their dead to vultures. people in india still feed them. those in iran stopped feeding them because there were no vultures left.


he is the zoroastrian god of goodness, light and light. for this reason, the zoroastrian religion is also called mazdaism among some communities.


the first god of the almighty faith. has a prize, no penalty.


he is the god zarathustra tried to replace by placing him at the center of his religious revolution. it means wise master and omniscient. another name is vouru casani.


the god whose story it is insatiable to hear from an anahita. it is so popular in iran that it cannot be described. it is also the dynamo of the gift industry. looking sideways at hammurabi at the national museum of iran...


god*. who owns the statue that contains the crystal in which the genie is found in the movie wishmaster


he has 6 angels and all of them are called amesha spenta.


in zarathustra, god is one, good, and "ahura mazda". he is the enemy of evil and is not responsible for any evil. does not test people. the reason for human existence is the struggle against evil. the word ahura is derived from the ancient aryan language. with this word, which became "asura" in the indian branch of the aryans, it was desired to express "god". but this word changed meaning in the iranian branch of the aryans; it has become used to meet concepts such as "master", "owner".