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as of now, the program has people who offer a program with a sack in their minds. (see: dumur)


it gave birth to the days when michael jackson died and kenan universe said "don't come on me, i'll shoot myself"... in one arm, a generation including me stood still, came to terms with their childhood and first youth, madonna may die too... our gods can die too, he said; on the other side, the pain of another generation backfired, he felt the pain of his childhood and youth.. (see: life is strange boats or something)


think it creates the list directly by using the entry/time ratio instead of the number of daily entries, so you can see whatever is on the agenda at that moment, but even the brazil-germany match with more than 2 thousand entries on the list can last for 8-9 hours. when you come home in the evening and ask to see what happened, you find the important topics shifted down. i think it is a bad algorithm for a country where the agenda changes so quickly. the old system was much more successful.


an application that does not sort the titles according to the number written on the right. more precisely, there is no problem in the first lines, but when i go down to the bottom, i see the heading 120 on the right. there are 15 and 70 on it. is there something wrong with me or is it something done on purpose?


i am patiently waiting for the day when it will be sorted by the number of entries. as a matter of fact, it is cancerous with its current state. wasn't that the point of the agenda anyway? why are you breaking it?


a facility that does not appear on mobile, which i think is forgotten. be ssg, did you forget godless?


search (at the top, next to fetch) words (leave blank) writes (leave blank) when today's date(example: 2014-07-03) sort order full full excellent search

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