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aganta burina burinata

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one of the indispensable diseases of those who have amiga, you load your ship in ports of call, it sometimes appears on the screen just when you are about to sail into the sea, i don't know why, but i liked this word, then we saw cevat sakir and we started to get more pleasure from this word ...


a work by the fisherman of halikarnas and the name of a song by the inhabitants of dus street


mahmut returns to his hometown bodrum from a long expedition. "i couldn't find the taste i expected when i got to bodrum. one season, one finds a nut on a certain branch of a tree. he eats it and he likes it. after a season or two, he looks for the same berry on the same branch again. either the berry is not found on that branch, or if it is found, it is not pleasant. maybe the one looking for the berry has changed."


this book, first published in 1946, tells the adventures of mahmut, the son of a sailor. despite the opposition of his father, this sea lover sails to the wide seas. he returns years later and gets married. but there is a problem. they live in a village far from the sea. in short, mahmut efendi wants to leave everything behind and return to the sea. especially the sentences describing the sea are heartbreaking, intense, transcendent.


i think a series was made based on the book and it was shown on trt, in the eighties. i even seem to see zuhal olcay in the blurry frames in my memory..


the name of the fisherman of halikarnas, which was published in 1946. the meaning of this term, which comes from the lingua franca, is "catch and hold the burinas". the action of holding the rope that controls the windward side of the burina accelerates the boat. still: (see: aganta) (see: burina) (see: burinata)


if we examine one by one; aganta: it is the command to hold the chain that is being pulled or the rope being pulled or the rope being felt, to be released again after a short time. burina: a rope that is attached to the side collars of square sails towards the underside. burinata: the rope of one of the masts. in short: (with control) the sails can be called forward.