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the song of kurban, which will be found in the album people. tell me what happened, why did you hide, i got bored of searching, i thought of you again, i always thought of giving up, so that i could get rid of you, if i reach you without exhausting myself, if i touch you, if you get out of your way without asking anyone, you can reach me


one of the two most beautiful tracks of the album together with don't tell.


i realized that it is a victim song whose lyrics are meaningless but gain too much meaning at various moments..


a great song that shows once again what a quality group kurban is, which i've loved and followed since its first album. i can't tear up when i see the bands making music with this beauty. for another such beautiful song again (see: don't ask)


expression meaning over and over. according to its emphasis, the meaning may also include reproach. an example of reproach highlighting in the alt text. -look, you did the same thing again. again!


there is nothing in the words. quite simple, ordinary. only musically, they made a mess*. i say good luck, i say wow to the guys. less was expected from them anyway.


the only song i like. maybe a little bit of my fault. i mean, it can be counted as a song whose name is my fault. anyway, keep going without bullshit. one of the strongest rock pieces ever made in the country.


the song where all the band members look charismatic from each other in the clip