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chocolate with dispaste


in their advertisements, it was shown that strange elite people ate after dinner - just before sex - accompanied by coffee and cognac. the chick would bite the chocolate while playing with the tips of her fingers under the table with the man's legs... we would go to the grocery store the next day and eat it in tears. we could never capture that warm environment, ambiance.


it's zanax for the pain of love... edit: some say it's between two chocolates :)


chocolate with vicks


chocolate, mint, subtle contrast, refined pleasure.


the cigars of chocolates are produced by nestle for people who live with the logic of "what is expensive is what is quality", but it is so good that you can save some money and buy it for 1 month, you can eat it for 1 month.


it is chocolate that does not have the idea of combining mint and chocolate, which is described as nonsense. before him chocolate with mint, marshmallows, etc. there have been many that unite, and there are many after. it is necessary to take a deep breath before describing a gastronomic composition as "nonsense" because it does not suit the palate. we live in a country where millions adore a mix of animal small intestine, shit (min 10%), lamb's shirt fat, and thyme lan.