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after 7 seconds you will be redirected to the page

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advertising method that makes you say "your midwife's pussy". when this comes across, i don't look at the advertisement out of spite, i'll skip right away, i'll inform the authorities from here...


dishonor that cannot be overcome by not looking at the advertisement. because that site makes money as soon as that ad appears there. if you click it, it becomes honey and cream. best of all, i wish there was a script that closes the window as soon as it sees phrases such as "close the window", "skip the ad", "...then you will be redirected to the page" in a pop-up window. it can be bought with money, at least the money does not go to third parties, it goes directly from my pocket to the man i want.


goosebumps ad alert. generally, if you click on any link on websites such as hardwarehaber, nationality, radical, you come across it. even though there is a phrase saying skip the ad above on the same page, it is not nice.


it means "newspaper circulation, advertisements, advertising revenues, and the revenue of the advertising boxes we put left and right were not enough, and we are stealing from the time of the readers."*


i'm closing the tab without waiting. no need at all.

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